Scintica Instrumentation to exclusively distribute the tablet-based 3D ultrasound imaging system from S-Sharp Corporation


Scintica Instrumentation Inc. is excited to announce its recent distribution agreement for S-Sharp’s preclinical ultrasound imaging system, the Prospect T1. Using state-of-the-art technology developed and first published in 2012, the Prospect T1 system provides the first compact high frequency ultrasound imaging system for pre-clinical research. This cost-effective solution provides in vivo, real-time, non-invasive imaging over the course of a longitudinal study.

The Prospect T1 imaging system is a tablet-based ultrasound system having a small footprint designed for today’s crowded laboratory environments. With a touchscreen user interface, streamlined workflow, and compact design, the standard system configuration offers real-time, high resolution (up to 30μm) imaging in Brightness (B), Motion (M), and Contrast Modes, as well as blood flow velocity capabilities such as Pulsed Wave, Color and Power Doppler modes and finally Tissue Doppler mode. Additional accessories for the Prospect T1 expand its capabilities to include 3D imaging, shear wave elastography, image guided needle injection, and integrated sonoporation. Investigators in the areas of cardiovascular research, cancer biology, developmental biology, anatomical/abdominal research, as well as ophthalmology would benefit from the use of this system.

Blair Poetschke President of Scintica Instrumentation says “we are excited to be able to introduce this high quality and proven system to scientists. Significant advances in science should now be possible as this cost-effective system can provide imaging capability at the scientist’s workbench instead of being confined to core lab facilities. Opportunities also exist for bundling this system with other products from Scintica for truly comprehensive laboratory solutions.”

Mike Cheng of S-Sharp Corporation says “we are excited to engage Scintica Instrumentation and their expert scientific staff as our partner in sales, marketing and support. Our proven expertise in ultrasound imaging has been extensively integrated into the exciting Prospect T1 system and we believe that Scintica can do a great job in making the system available to a wide variety of scientists”.

About S-Sharp
S-Sharp provides cutting edge ultrasound solutions to their customers with many years of passion and experiences in ultrasound research and development. S-Sharp has a unique R&D team dedicated to the development of ultrasound platforms and solutions for clinical and preclinical purposes. Core technologies include advanced 3D ultrasound imaging, high speed data transfer and touch-based GUI systems.


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