RWD Intelligent Optogenetic System

IOS-465 Intelligent Optogenetics System


System Overview

The application of optogenetics has been rapidly developing since 2010, with its research field covering several classic experimental animal species, such as flies, mice, rats, zebrafish, and primates. These animals generally have the advantages of short developmental and reproductive cycles and easy integration of foreign genes, thus facilitating the introduction of Photosensitive Protein Gene. The Intelligent Optogenetic System integrates light source output and control together. It is compact and easy to use, stable and efficient, intelligent and humane.

Features & Benefits

Integrated Output and
Control of Light Source

Integration of output and control of the light source, simplifying the operation of the experiment.

High Power Laser Output

High power laser output from 0 to 100mw with good stability (<1%), Power adjustable.


Touchscreen operation interface with convenient parameter settings and control with visible waveform state.

Acousto-optic Alarm

Acousto-optic alarm at the end of the experimental process or when the temperature of the laser is abnormal.

Group Editing and
Data Import

Group custom editing and data import or export are available.


Compatible with electrophysiological, behavioral devices, and other devices.


0-80mW (Blue light), 0-100mW (Yellow light), 1mw resolution, adjustable power
Screen Pixels
7-inch capacitive touch screen, 1024PX * 600PX resolution
473, 450, 488, 532, 589 and 650nm (optional)
TTL Signal Output
Light Source Interface
258*220.5*147mm (L*W*H)

Publications & Articles

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