Larger Physiological Cell Culture Workstations

SCI-tive Workstation



System Overview

Baker Ruskinn’s SCI-tive range of advanced hypoxia workstations is perfectly suited for cell culture under physiological oxygen, helping to yield better stem cell lines by eliminating cellular stress linked to variations in temperature, pH and oxidation. SCI-tive’s closed cell culture environment mimics in vivo conditions with precise, user-defined controls, allowing you study even the most complex cell interactions. Its spacious interior provides a continuous, controlled-oxygen environment, from seeding through expansion, assay and harvest, and easily accommodates a variety of analytical equipment – no more working on an open bench. SCI-tive’s optional HEPA filtration system provides clean air within the work area to protect cultures from contaminants, and an upgraded enhanced containment package provides user protection.

Features & Benefits

Internal HEPA filtration to Class 4 (ISO 14644-1)
Data log (one data set per minute, each set comprises: time, date, O2 (set/actual), CO2 (set/actual) humidity, temperature)
Ezeeyin Glove ports for direct hand access
Multi-cable gland (up to 6 individual cables)
Alarm settings
Removable from 420L usable chamber volume
CO2 control (from 0.1% to 30.0% in 0.1% increments)

Ultrasonic Humidity control (from ambient to 85% RH)

Detox sachet (large)
Temperature control (5 °C above ambient to 45.0° C in 0.1° C increments
Interlock has O2 control and heating
Internal power sockets x3
O2 control (from 0.1% to 23.0% in 0.1% increments)
Gas sample port
Vacuum port connector
Light control (on/off, dimming function)


Workstation Fabrication
Solvent Bonded Acrylic
External Dimensions
Width: (side to side, exclude gas mixer): 1660mm/ 65"
Depth: 826 mm/ 32.5"
Height: (excluding stand): 1077mm/ 42"
Internal Dimensions
Width: 1200mm/ 47"
Depth: 600mm/ 23.5"
Height: 690mm/ 27"
Workstation Weight
Approx: 230 KG/ 507 Lbs
Gas Pressure
Interlock Dimensions
Width: 270 mm/ 11"
Depth: 200mm/ 8"
Height: 210 mm/ 8"

Interlock Cycle Time
60 seconds
Atmosphere Controls
Temperature: Ambient +5°C -45°C
Humidity Control: Ambient -85% RH
O₂ Control: 0.0%-20.9%
CO₂ Control: 0.0%-30.0%^

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