Segment Quantitative Cardiac MRI Software

The Segment application is a comprehensive software solution for quantitative cardiac MR image analysis; the software has been specifically designed for use in preclinical research and will work with images acquired on our M-Series MRI systems

Imalytics Preclinical Software for Biomedical Image Analysis

Imalytics Preclinical is a software for fast interactive segmentation, reconstruction, 3D visualization, and analysis of biomedical image data sets with a user-friendly interface. It supports 3D, 4D, and 5D image data from any modality if the file format is supported. It has been used to analyze (multimodal) data sets from CT, PET, SPECT, MRI, US, FLT, and BLT.

Invicro’s Quantitative Image Analysis Platform

VivoQuant is Invicro’s quantitative image analysis platform. As a vendor neutral software product, VivoQuant streamlines image analysis research studies across all phases of drug discovery and development, supporting multi-modality and multi-species image processing applications.

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