Imalytics Preclinical

Software for Biomedical Image Analysis

System Overview


SuperArgus PET/CT


Features & Benefits

System Overview

Imalytics Preclinical is a software for fast interactive segmentation, reconstruction, 3D visualization, and analysis of biomedical image data sets with a user-friendly interface. It supports 3D, 4D, and 5D image data from any modality if the file format is supported. It has been used to analyze (multimodal) data sets from CT, PET, SPECT, MRI, US, FLT, and BLT.

Features & Benefits

Fast Interactive Workflow

Imalytics Preclinical uses an optimized GPU architecture for faster processing of large data sets. Perform 3D segmentations in REAL TIME!


Imalytics Preclinical is installed with more than 25 tutorials for various applications. The tutorials are provided as videos with an example data set. This allows the user to practice with the same data set.

World-Wide Access

Based on Microsoft Azure, our Imalytics Preclinical can be used in the cloud from any computer, making it easy to collaborate and work remotely.

Easy to manage and secure!

Easy-to-Use Interface

Intuitive and easy to learn with simple workflows and tutorials, no prior knowledge required. Users quickly learn how to use the software after just a few hours.

Use with the SuperArgus PET/CT System

The key feature of the system is a unique phoswich PET detector technology, offering the highest resolution on the market (≤1.0 mm). The further aspect which makes the scanner the brand leader is the highest sensitivity of the detectors 11 at 100 700 keV). 

Key benefits of the system:

  • dynamic real-time imaging up to 2.5 msec frame rate if desired) optimized reconstruction algorithms
  • multi-animal handling options with a wide rage of applications (neurology, cardiology, immunology, infection diseases, dynamic imaging, bone studies, conscious/awake imaging, multiplex imaging


Signal Quantification

CT based organ segmentation allows quantification of PET signals in organs of interest such as the urinary bladder, heart, kidneys, liver, or existing tumor or metastases

High-Throughput Imaging 4 Mice 

(or even more)

Quickly crop, convert, and analyze large amounts of data
acquired with multi-mouse beds for high throughput settings Don’t let your data wait any longer

Kinetic Modeling

4D PET acquisition captures dynamic tracer accumulation
in organs and tumors. The tumor appears hyperintense in
the parametric map for k 3 due to the irreversible accumulation

Cardiac Imaging

Imalytics Preclinical supports CT image based assessment of the vascular system such as visualization of changes in the blood vessels or calculation of the left ventricular ejection fraction


Imalytics Preclinical enables fast and easy automatic, semi-automatic, or manual segmentations of phantoms, regions of interest (ROI), or complete organs.

Image Processing

Imalytics Preclinical allows processing and visualization of (i) an underlay (e.g. a CT image), a segmentation map (e.g. whole body organ segmentation), and an overlay (e.g. three-dimensional fluorescence distribution).

Image Fusion

Images from different modalities can be fused using manual or marker-based alignment in Imalytics Preclinical making multimodal image data analysis straightforward.


Our software and developed kinetic models has been widely used to determine the organ biodistribution, elimination, and retention sites of newly developed nanocarriers or drug delivery systems.

Multi-Modal Imaging

Imalytics Preclinical offers the possibility to accurately detect, segment, and characterize tumors, lesions, and metastases. It was already used for several types of subcutaneous and orthotopic tumors such as colon cancer, PDAC, liver tumors and lesions, or lung metastases.


Vascular Analysis

The software has been successfully used to assess the vascular system and the changes in the blood vessels such as atherosclerotic inflammation, lesions or calcifications, and stenosis in the carotids.

Bone Analysis

The analysis of different bone structures and features, the evaluation and quantification of new bone formation as well as the occurrence of calcification were integrated into the software.

Fat Analysis

Imalytics Preclinical is intensively used for determining whole body fat, differentitaion into subcutaneous and visceral fat, and segmentation of brown adipose tissue.


Imalytics Preclinical enables MRI relaxometry.


Signal intensities in phantoms, ROIs, organs, or the whole object can be easily quantified using the batch function of Imalytics Preclinical. Thereby, several segmentations and points in time can be analyzed in one single step.

Spectral Unmixing

To analyze multispectral images, it is possible to perform a spectral unmixing using Imalytics Preclinical.

3D Printing

With Imalytics Preclinical different isosurfaces such as organs, the skeleton, the whole mouse body, or the mouse bed of an image can be exported as a stl-file for 3D printing.

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