Intravital microscopy  solutions that are simple and intuitive to use in preclinical research.

Intravital Microscopy

In Vivo Endomicroscopy

Intravital Microscopy

Intravital Microscopy(IVM) is an all-in-one two-photon and/or confocal microscopy system designed and optimized for longitudinal imaging of live animal models in vivo. This state-of-art equipment has been designed around ease-of-use and augmented throughput as a next-generation core technology for biologists and translational scientists to elucidate the underlaying mechanism of every biological phenomena at tissue and cellular level. Confocal IVM systems enable optical sectioning of in vivo tissue via rejection of out-of-focus fluorescence light coming from the background tissue which will result in images with high contrast and quality. Two-photon IVM systems are equipped with lasers which use longer-wavelength near-infrared (NIR) fs-pulse excitation capable of deep tissue imaging as well as label-free, non-linear multi-harmonic generation imaging (SHG, THG).

Why you need to get an IVIM Tech in your lab

Integrated temperature support, and physiological monitoring

Ensures animal well-being throughout the imaging session.

Integrated inhaled anesthesia

Ensures ease of animal handling and consistent plane of anesthesia

Animal motion compensation

Provides enhanced image quality on organs which may be affected by respiratory motion

User friendly design – both software and hardware

Allows for ease of use, and reproducible results

4-color simultaneous imaging

Confocal / Two-Photon Modes – Allows users to track the movement of several cells in vivo to better understand the biological processes being examined

Ultrafast rotating polygonal mirror scanner

Scanning with uniform excitation illumination over the entire field of view (FOV)

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