Rapid Recovery Incubator

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

System Overview

In all scientific research applications, each cell type will benefit from keeping proper physiological cell growth conditions. Cell culture incubators attempt to mimic physiological conditions, but atmospheric conditions within the laboratory and the environmental parameters incubators attempt to control and are lost with each door opening taking a long time to get back to the growth conditions your work is dependent on. This will impact the integrity of your work. There are several factors an incubator should control in order to help you achieve optimal cell growth conditions.

Precision in temperature, gas and humidity as well as the rapid recovery of those conditions after door openings are crucial for ensuring cells are exposed to a constant environment required for their well-being. These parameters can change very quickly once a door is opened, and it can take a long time for in vivo-like conditions to be achieved again.

Features & Benefits

HEPA Filter

The vertical, uni-directional downward airflow with full-face HEPA filter delivers better-than-ISO Class 4 (Class 10) clean air to the chamber to provide unparalleled protection of your work.

Outstanding Humidity Delivery System

Outstanding condensation control virtually eliminates wet spots where contaminants can grow and spread, even at humidity levels above 90%.

H2O2 Total Bio-decontamination

H2 O2 total bio decontamination (optional or onboard for ReCO2ver™ Plus) in addition to UV light, kills even resistant contaminating microbes in approximately four hours (vs. up to 12 hours)

Proprietary InteliCELL™ P.I.D. Control Algorithm

Proprietary InteliCELL™ P.I.D. control algorithm offers true active humidity control – giving users complete freedom to precisely define three variables critical to cell growth: temperature, CO2 and relative humidity.

Reducing the Need for Door Opening

Fogless interior door with a heated frame provides a crystal clear view to every shelf, reducing the need for door openings.

Superior Stability

Superior stability, unformity and recovery times – mean that even with a full load, cell cultures grow consistently from shelf to shelf, for dependably high-quality, robust cells on every plate.

Ultrasonic Humidity Delivery System

Ultrasonic humidity delivery system lets you eliminate the use of a water pan and the risk of contaminants that typically go with it.

Intuitive Color Touchscreen Controls

Intuitive color touchscreen controls give users full control over incubator functionality.

Standard Features


Vertical, downward airflow

Large, full-face HEPA filter

Crevice-free interior with coved corners

Fogless interior door with heated frame

Superior condensation control

Ultrasonic humidity delivery system

H2O2 Bio Decon Method

Direct heat
Delivers better-than ISO Class 4 (Class 10) air to the chamber, keeping cultures safe from contaminants by sweeping them away and trapping them in the full-face HEPA filter. This uniform downflow also helps reduce variations in temperature throughout the chamber, without drying out sensitive cultures

Captures contaminants introduced into the chamber after door opens. ReCO2 ver™ takes less than 2 minutes to provide better-than-ISO Class 4 (Class 10) air – the fastest filtering rate of any incubator model

Easy to clean and won’t harbor potential contaminants

Provides a crystal-clear view to every shelf, reducing the need for door openings, when contaminants are most likely to enter the chamber

Eliminates wet spots where contaminants can grow and spread

Eliminates the water pan altogether, along with the risk of contaminants that typically go with it

Enhances productivity (<4hrs) and provides an effective kill rate (6 log reduction)

Rapid recovery of temperature back to set point

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