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Navigating the large number of instruments and systems available for research can be a challenging task. Among the many technologies you might encounter are preclinical imaging systems such as High-Frequency ultrasound, MRI, DEXA, Optical (BLI/FLI/NIR I/NIR II), PET/CT, PET/MR, SPECT, PhotoAcoustic, and Intravital Microscopy systems.

That’s where Scintica comes in, providing comprehensive preclinical solutions for a wide range of research areas and applications. Let us help simplify your search and find the best fit for your study.

PET/CT for Preclinical Imaging
Laser Speckle Imaging

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Our diverse team of scientific experts have experience in study design, image acquisition, data analysis and more.

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At Scintica, we are dedicated to advancing science and medicine by supplying top-notch instrumentation to scientists and the preclinical research community. We strive to connect researchers with the most suitable research solutions and tools, empowering them to make meaningful contributions to their field and drive progress.

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Our team of scientific experts is here to help you finding the right solution to advance your research.

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"We are sorting through the clutter of information to help Scientists and Researchers"

At Scintica, we aim to streamline the overwhelming amount of information and choices available in the field of disease study, drug development, and scientific advancement.

Our goal is to simplify the process for scientists, enabling them to quickly find the appropriate instruments, tools, and imaging systems to achieve their research objectives and advance their work. By cutting through the clutter and providing clear, focused support, we are committed to fostering scientific progress and discovery.

Blair Poetchke , President

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Scintica has a strong focus on education within science and the roles that various technologies play in advancing science.