PhO2x Box

Cell Culture Chamber

Pho2x Boc



Features & Benefits

System Overview

Baker Ruskinn’s PhO2x Box is a new, easy to use and economical Physoxia/Hypoxia system designed for in vitro cell culture experiments. PhO2x Box comprises a Gas Controller (with both O2 and CO2 control) and a Cell Culture Chamber.

The Cell Culture chamber can be placed on a lab bench, or be placed inside an Incubator or a Workstation, while the Gas Controller remains outside. The Cell Culture Chamber has removable shelving and can accommodate microtiter well plates, small flasks and petri dishes.

PhO2x Box Gas Controller Touchscreen

Gas controller uses ambient air instead of a compressed air cylinder.

Features & Benefits

Only needs N2 and CO2 cylinders for operation for lower running costs
Controls and Monitors O2 and CO2 levels with a single touchscreen
Intuitive touchscreen with large font number display
Small footprint (325mm wide x 298mm deep)
Fast to ultrafast scanning system
Easy user set up,takes around 10 minutes
2-year warranty for peace of mind and lower running costs


Touchscreen Control Data Log Audible Alarms Culture Chambers
- O2 control (from 0.1% to 20.0% in 0.1% increments)
- CO2 control (from 0.1% to 20.0% in 0.1% increments)
- Hypoxic Cycling
- Temperature Display (of Cell Culture Chamber
- Up to 12 Months data history
- One Data Set stored per minute, each Data Set comprises: Time, Date, O2 (Set/Actual), CO2
- Stored on SD card provided
- Low Gas (either CO2 or N2 )
- Black (light reducing) – Small and Large
- Clear – Small and Large

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