Scintica Announces Opening of U.S. Company and Office in Webster, TX


London, ON, February 10, 2021 – Scintica Instrumentation Inc, a leading supplier of medical research instrumentation, is excited to announce the creation of Scintica Inc. in Webster, TX, USA.

Scintica Inc. will have the ability to provide enhanced local services, access to equipment, and service and repair facilities to accommodate the increase in market demand.

“As a leading instrumentation provider, we are excited about expanding our capabilities in the USA, and we are ready to enhance our offerings further,” said Blair Poetschke, President of Scintica Instrumentation Inc. & Scintica Inc.

This local presence gives Scintica Inc. the ability to demonstrate its scientific and engineering expertise in the USA. The new office also opens the doors to customers for whom cross border business with Canada may have been challenging.

Overall, Scintica Inc. provides an ideal bridge between the medical research and the manufacturing communities and can quickly mobilize any necessary technical and repair services.

About Scintica.:

Scintica is a value-added reseller of advanced preclinical research instrumentation with locations in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Our team of scientists on staff has the depth of experience to guide scientists in real-world applications of the equipment and provide the training and support to help our customers get results. Scintica carries a diverse but synergistic portfolio of products, encouraging a holistic approach to science, ranging from laboratory equipment & tools for imaging, lab equipment, cellular, and tissue monitoring.

For more information, please contact us at or visit  Or via telephone:  USA (832) 548-0895; Canada (519) 914-5495; Europe 31 43 808 00 14.


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