New bioprinted skin, cosmetic in vitro model

Sebastien Cadau 1, Delphine Rival 1, Valerie Andre-Frei 1, Manasi Chavan M 1, Delphine Fayol 1, Marine Salducci 1, Bruno Brisson 1, Fabien Guillemot 1

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PMID: 29465388

New Bioprinted Skin, Cosmetic In Vitro Model


We developed a new evolution of three-dimensional skin equivalent due to the optimization of four-dimensional laser-assisted bioprinting and skin equivalent culture protocols. This allowed us to produce fully bioprinted skin equivalents that are closed to current skin equivalents and suitable to test cosmetic ingredients. Particularly, we performed preliminary evaluation of maturogens to improve the dermis maturation before the epidermal seeding and we designed a specific “micropattern” to reproduce the nonlinear aspect of the dermal-epidermal junction. Finally an active ingredient was applied during the production of the bioprinted skin equivalent.

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