Article: Dietary Supplementation with Nanoparticle CMCS-20a Enhances the Resistance to GCRV Infection in Grass Carp

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Zhensheng Wang, Chuang Xu, Yanqi Zhang, Xingchen Huo, Jianguo Su, Dietary supplementation with nanoparticle CMCS-20a enhances the resistance to GCRV infection in grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella), Fish & Shellfish Immunology, Volume 127, 2022, Pages 572-584,ISSN 1050-4648,


When antimicrobial proteins and nanomaterials are combined, they have the potential to produce immunopotentiators, which can boost organism immunity and provide a preventive approach to diseases when taken orally. The study highlighted the effectiveness of CMCS-20a nanoparticles in protecting against grass carp reovirus (GCRV) infection. CXCL20a (CiCXCL20a) from grass carp was loaded onto carboxymethyl chitosan (CMCS) to create the nanoparticles. The low temperature vacuum drying technique (LD-CMCS-20a) significantly increased the survival rate of the grass carp post-GCRV challenge, whereas the high temperature method did not. LD-CMCS-20a improved several immune markers, reduced tissue damage, and decreased viral load in the spleen, according to mechanistic studies. This suggests that CMCS-20a nanoparticles can boost fish defenses against viral threats, providing a novel preventative strategy for such infections.