VA Biofabrication Symposium

The first VA Biofabrication CoS Symposium will be held virtually May 4–5, 2022. We are excited to engage biofabrication researchers, practitioners, visionaries, and innovators like you to grow VA’s biofabrication efforts.

Join us for our panel discussion alongside Poietis on successful paths to commercialization on May 4th from 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM!

Biofabrication offers Veterans point-of-care solutions for the customized restoration of health. Through the VA Biofabrication Community of Science (Biofab CoS), VA is establishing an integrated infrastructure that aims to serve Veterans first with patient-matched biofabricated solutions.

Biofab CoS Provides:

  • A platform for internal and external stakeholders to connect across the biofabrication continuum to learn, ideate, research, and build solutions for Veterans, together.
  • A set of practices to develop biofabrication solutions across every stage of the development process and the eventual goal of first in-human clinical trials.

Biofab CoS Initiatives:

  • Meetings provide regular touchpoints to stay up-to-date on internal and external activity in the biofabrication space.
  • Annual VA Biofabrication Symposium convenes internal and external stakeholders working and/or interested in biofabrication.
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