(September 7, 2023) WMIC Workshop: Unveiling the Spectrum of Imaging Modalities in Preclinical Research

(September 7, 2023) WMIC Workshop: Unveiling the Spectrum of Imaging Modalities in Preclinical Research

Join us for an enlightening discussion presented by Scintica Instrumentation, where we will explore the diverse applications in preclinical imaging research, with a special emphasis on theranostics. Delving into Scintica Instrumentation’s comprehensive product portfolio, we will explore the applications in bioluminescence, NIR-I and NIR-II imaging, PET, SPECT, Photoacoustics, and intravital microscopy.

Our journey will begin by exploring whole-body imaging techniques such as bioluminescence, NIR-I and NIR-II fluorescence imaging, continuing on to PET, SPECT, and photoacoustics, which all enable non-invasive monitoring of disease progression and treatment responses at the molecular level. We will uncover how these modalities play a vital role in both disease detection and treatment, and further into the various theranostic approaches which are the focus of many preclinical researchers these days.

Diving further into the microscopic realm, we will unveil the power of intravital microscopy, revealing intricate cellular and molecular processes within live organisms. More and more these days researchers are approaching their biological questions with a multi-modal approach – that is multiple imaging modalities, for example, but also multi-level examination of the biological pathways involved. Many researchers understand the importance of both whole body, organ level, and microscopic examinations to fully explore disease mechanisms, diagnostics, and therapeutic response.

Join us in this captivating presentation as we celebrate the convergence of innovation, molecular imaging, and theranostics, and envision the impact these advancements will have on the future of preclinical research, regenerative medicine, and ultimately their translation into clinic to effect real change for patients from around the world.

Join us at WMIC 2023 as we illuminate the path to a safer and healthier world. See you at the session!

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WMIC 2023 Workshop: Unveiling the Spectrum of Imaging Modalities in Preclinical Research: From Whole Body Applications to Microscopic Exploration, with a Spotlight on Theranostics

Date: Thursday, September 7, 2023
Time: 7:30 AM – 9:00 AM
Location: Club H, Prague Congress Center, Prague, Czech RepublicHall


Sep 07 2023
7:30 am - 9:00 am


  • Niloufar Khosravi, PhD
    Niloufar Khosravi, PhD
    Product Manager, Scintica Instrumentation, Canada

    Niloufar is a translational medical scientist specialized in regenerative medicine and molecular imaging. She holds a PhD in Dentistry from the University of Toronto and an M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from McGill University. Her work has been centered around developing novel technologies for minimally invasive diagnostics and therapeutics. She has been affiliated with Institute for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME) and University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto
    where she focused on understanding the fundamentals of peri-implant tissue regeneration and developing novel technologies to improve the clinical efficacy of implants in cure-limiting conditions.
    She has extensive experience in designing and developing platforms for intravital imaging as well as post-acquisition analysis. Niloufar also serves as an advisor for the Academy of Osseointegration (AO) and has a successful track record in obtaining national and international awards. She is the author and inventor of high-impact publications and patents in the fields of molecular imaging, implantology, regenerative medicine, and woundcare.

  • Tyler Lalonde, PhD
    Tyler Lalonde, PhD
    Product Manager at Scintica

    Dr. Tyler Lalonde has an interdisciplinary background in biochemistry, chemistry, radiochemistry, molecular imaging, and chemical biology. He specialized in surface chemistry during his undergraduate studies in Biochemistry. Here (Laurentian University) he studied biodegradable implant materials using various microscopy techniques. He then moved on to the University of Western Ontario where he developed novel imaging pharmaceuticals for various human diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. From here he expanded his scope in drug design and development at Texas A&M University as a postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Lalonde has been in the field of research and development for 11 years now and has knowledge in multiple areas that is an asset to Scintica and our customers.

  • Yann Jamin, PhD
    Yann Jamin, PhD
    Product Manager at Scintica

    Yann is an Application Specialist in preclinical MRI at Scintica and Children with Cancer Research UK Research Fellow at the Institute of Cancer Research London ( Honorary Researcher), where he led a translational program of research combining MRI and computational pathology ,aiming to make a difference for children with childhood neuroblastoma. His research specifically aimed to improve diagnosis, treatment planning, and response assessment in clinical trials for children with Childhood neuroblastoma. Yann’s imaging-guided studies I transgenic model has helped improve our understanding of treatment resistance to standard of care treatment and accelerating the delivery of multiple crucially needed smart and efficient treatment for children with refractory disease.

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