Dr. Lawrence Yip explained how Photoacoustic (PA) imaging works, where it fits in with other modalities and, how your research could benefit from this emerging technology.

Excellent spatial resolution, depth penetration, and superior contrast are just some of the advantages often associated with PA imaging. In this webinar, we dove into the advantages, where they can be beneficial, and how the TriTom’s patented technology overcomes some of the challenges experienced by early adopters of this imaging modality.

Discussion Points:

  • Motivation for PA imaging
  • Overview of the modality
  • PA and fluorescence tomography as complementary modalities
  • Preclinical applications

The TriTom is a turnkey, compact, tabletop imaging system that combines the sensitivity of fluorescence molecular tomography with the depth penetration and spatial resolution of PA tomography. Many applications including cancer, neuroimaging, developmental biology, and cardiovascular research could benefit from adding these imaging modalities, and we will draw from literature and concrete examples to demonstrate this advantage.