In this webinar, Dr. Edwin C. Pratt discussed the realm of positron emission tomography (PET) imaging and explained the innovative concept of multiplexed PET. This new scientific advancement makes it possible to perform simultaneous imaging with two different isotopes providing more in depth information with a single scan.

Key Takeaways:

  • Multiplexed PET is a new reconstruction method to identify and separate positron from positron-prompt gamma emissions without new hardware from list mode PET scanners or energy discrimination of events.
  • Multiplexed PET is a quantitative method that is agnostic to the type of radiotracer used (IE no compartment modeling). Only a simple uniformity and sensitivity phantom is required.
  • Acquisition has been shown in a variety of preclinical and clinical PET scanners, though not all scanners can natively acquire data for multiplexing.
  • Multiplexed PET enables faster throughput for screening radiotracers, or conversely two tracer information of a tissue of interest, like imaging the tumor microenvironment for two immune populations.