DELab µCT-100X (Benchtop)

Benchtop in vivo small animal and ex vivo sample 2D and 3D micro computed tomography (µCT) for preclinical research

System Overview

The DELab micro computed tomography-100X (µCT-100X) is designed specifically for 2D and 3D in vivo imaging of small specimens and ex vivo isolated samples. The DELab µCT-100X is a benchtop design and fully self-shielded allowing the placement is small laboratory settings. Research applications of the system range from isolated bone microstructure analysis, small laboratory specimen imaging such as zebrafish, and geology.


The DELab µCT-100X is a benchtop and fully self-shielded system designed for analysis of ex vivo samples and in vivo small specimens such as dwarf seahorse or zebrafish or similar sized animals up to 146mm length (MCI-100). The DELab µCT-100X boasts sharper image edges using in-line phase contrast imaging technology to strengthen image edges in low attenuation materials. To enhance image acquisition, patented anti-twist and anti-vibration design ensures stable 360º carrier rotation which has capability of the user to control speed and angle of rotation. Further improving image acquisition, the DELab µCT-100X has internal airflow temperature regulation to maintain constant conditions and protects against temperature influencing image quality.

The DELab µCT-100X can measure the following physical parameters:

  • Total volume (TV) (mm3)
  • Bone volume (BV)
  • Bone mineral density (BMD)
  • Ratio of bone and tissue volume (BV/TV)
  • Average cortical bone thickness (µm)
  • Trabecular bone thickness (µm)
  • Number of trabecular bones (Tb. N)
  • Ventilation – Inspiration and Expiration – volume (mm3)
  • Ratio of body fat to body volume (BF/TV)

Features & Benefits

CCD X-ray detector

With a sealed transmission tube and CCD x-ray detector the DELab µCT-100X produces high resolution images by (DIRECT OR INDIRECT) … CMOS flat panel for MCI-100.

Multiple sample carriers for different species or isolated sample sizes

The DELab µCT-100X has a 4-carrier (MCI-110) or a 3-carrier (MCI-100) ideal for isolated samples or zebrafish and similar sized research models.

Benchtop design

A fully self-shielded design makes the DELab µCT-100X ideal for use in shared spaces and does not require additional safety precautions.

Phase contrast enhancement

With in-line phase contrast imaging technology sharper images of low attenuation samples are achievable.

Stable image acquisition

The DELab µCT-100X incorporates a patented carrier that ensures stable 360º rotation of the sample with anti-twist and anti-vibration technology. The rotation angle and speed can be user controlled.

Adjustable high-resolution image acquisition down to 1 µm

The DELab µCT-100X can acquire images within a range of resolutions from 1 µm – 7.5 µm (MCI-110) or 5 µm – 33 µm (MCI-100).

Automatic internal temperature regulation

The DELab µCT-100X has automatic internal temperature regulation to maintain consistent conditions for optimal image quality.

Fully self-shielded design

A fully self-shielded design makes the DELab µCT-100 ideal for use in shared spaces and does not require additional safety precautions.

Models & Specifications

Specification MCI-110 (4 sample carriers) MCI-100 (3 sample carriers)
Scan Method
Dual energy cone beam
Dual energy cone beam
Sample Size
Min. 11mm diameter, 19mm height Max. 39mm diameter, 44mm height
Min. 19mm diameter, 35mm height Max. 83mm diameter, 146mm height
Field of View (maximum W x L)
30mm x 18.5mm
97mm x 72.5mm
Image Resolution
1, 3, 5, 7.5 μm
5, 15, 33 μm
Operating System
Windows 11
Windows 11
Dimensions (WxDxH)
96 x 95.5 x 67.5mm (430kg)
96 x 95.5 x 67.5mm (433kg)
110/220V ±10%, 50/60Hz, 15A
110/220V ±10%, 50/60Hz, 15A

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