Webinar: ReCO2ver CO2 Incubator Air Cleanliness and Recovery Speed


Providing a clean air environment for cultures during incubation is critical to preventing contamination and reducing variations in temperature throughout the chamber, without drying out sensitive cultures. At Baker, we know how to prevent and control contamination. Some manufacturers equip their incubators with a HEPA filter and claim to provide ISO Class 5 (Class 100) clean air conditions inside the chamber.

However, the HEPA filters supplied are typically too small, and the airflow pattern inside the chamber is too turbulent, to clean the air within a reasonable amount of time, putting cultures at risk. ReCO2ver™, the CO2 incubator from Baker, was designed with an expansive, full-face HEPA filter and uniform downward airflow to provide better-than-ISO-Class 4 (Class 10) clean air conditions within just 60 seconds.

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