WEBINAR # 3 Applications Review – Highlighting Imaging Examples Using the IVM Intravital Microscope


After introducing intravital imaging in Webinar #1 and the IVM system and its capabilities in Webinar #2, we will now bring you real-world examples of IVM applications in collaboration with our reference sites. We will present specific examples of how to apply the IVM system to address various research questions during this webinar. Please check back closer to the webinar date in July as we finalize the speakers and topics for this discussion.

After attending this webinar, attendees will have an understanding of how the IVM system can be applied in preclinical research to visualize and analyze in vivo dynamic processes at a cellular level.

Please register for the final part in this webinar series to see the IVM system in action as we give a live virtual demonstration of the IVM system and showcase its software and hardware components.

Webinar #4 – Live Virtual Demonstration of the IVM System

***Note: Please ensure you register for each session in the series. Or email us and we will register you for all 4 sessions.

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