WEBINAR #1 – Modality Review: The Basics of Intravital Fluorescence Microscopy

This is the first of a 4-part series introducing Scintica’s newly formed relationship with IVIM Technology and their IntraVital Microscopy platform (IVM).

In this session, we will introduce the fundamentals of fluorescence microscopy, review some example images, and focus on this technique’s intravital imaging applications. This webinar’s focus will be on formulating a basic understanding of the imaging modality to further understand the IVM system’s capabilities throughout the rest of the webinar series.

First, the fundamental principles of fluorescence imaging will be explained, along with its advantages and challenges with applied in an in vivo setting. Next, we will highlight intravital microscopy’s advantages and its role in oncology research and other scientific areas. We will also give an overview of the most commonly used animal models for intravital imaging. Finally, we will focus on the importance of acquiring quantitative imaging data and navigate around some pitfalls. Key examples from the research field will be collected in this webinar.

After attending this webinar, attendees will have:

  • a basic understanding of the fundamentals of fluorescence microscopy,
  • an overview of intravital imaging advantages and applications,
  • an overview of the most commonly used intravital imaging animal models,
  • an understanding of what to pay attention to in order to acquire quantitative imaging data.

Please join the subsequent parts in this webinar series to learn more about the IVM system:

***Note: Please ensure you register for each session in the series. Or email us and we will register you for all 4 sessions.

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