LIVE Online Demonstration: Doppler Flow Velocity System (DFVS)

Join us LIVE for a hands-on demonstration of the Doppler Flow Velocity System.

You will learn:

  • Measurement for Cardiac systolic and diastolic function
  • Serial measurements in response to interventions
  • Severity of transverse aortic constriction (TAC)
  • Coronary flow distribution
  • Hyperemic velocity responses
  • Pulse Wave Velocity from two aortic locations simultaneously

The Doppler Flow Velocity System (DFVS) is a non-invasive, real-time pulsed Doppler measurement device for studying cardiovascular function in a variety of small animal models, such as mice and rats. The system is ideally suited to analyze the rapid heart rates found in these species, due to the high frequency and excellent temporal resolution.  The data is acquired using a very small probe, 2-3mm in diameter, allowing for more accurate and reproducible data to be acquired. Holding the probe with a steady hand or mounted in a micromanipulator, researchers can acquire many systolic and diastolic cardiac function parameters, as well as parameters from peripheral vessels such as the carotid, renal, and femoral arteries, plus indices from the coronary vessels

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