3rd Annual Preclinical Imaging Workshop

3rd Annual Preclinical Imaging Workshop


BIOEMTECH Laboratories presents a 5-day workshop that includes theoretical and practical aspects of preclinical models’ development, imaging, and theragnostic assessment under a GLP environment.

The workshop provides a general overview of licensing and operating an imaging facility for rodent models and specific details for selecting and applying imaging modalities for various models.

Each year, different animal models are selected, presented, and discussed in detail.

This year (2023), the following models will be presented:
• Crohn’s disease (gut fibrosis)
• Breast cancer: 4T1 & MDA-MB-231 models

The practical part of the workshop offers training in mouse handling for imaging experiments (using inanimate models) and operating imaging equipment.

This year, the agenda will be enriched with additional sessions on leadership (team building and leading) and mountain hiking to complement the scientific core of the workshop.

Places for practical training are limited and reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.


Oct 16 - 20 2023
8:30 am - 4:30 pm


  • Argyro Zacharioudaki
    Argyro Zacharioudaki
    DVM MLAS DiplECLAM, Veterinarian & In Vivo Research Consultant

    Argyro is a laboratory animal veterinarian with 15 years of experience undertaking designated veterinarian, clinical veterinarian and research veterinarian duties in private research establishments. Handling, anesthesia, surgery and research project management with swine, rabbit, rat and mouse models. Currently working in preclinical rodent imaging CRO.

  • Maritina Rouchota PhD
    Maritina Rouchota PhD
    Partner & Lab Director

    Maritina is a Molecular Radiation Physicist with professional certifications on the design and management of pre-clinical studies, use of radiation in clinical and pre-clinical procedures and certified Radiation Protection Expert (RPE). She Holds a PhD in Molecular Imaging from the University of Patras, an MSc with honours in Medical Physics from the University College of London (UCL) and an BSc in Physics from the University of Athens.

    She undertook the leading role of designing and equipping BIOEMTECH’s Laboratories, the first private Molecular Imaging Laboratories in Greece, back in 2018. BIOEMTECH’s CRO Laboratories, now facilitate preclinical drug discovery in all stages of drug testing, operating in a GLP environment and evaluating promising drugs towards the clinics.

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