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M-Series Compact MRI

The M-Series™ compact, high-performance, easy-to-use MRI systems allow preclinical researchers, without prior knowledge of MR physics, to now have cost-effective access to the gold standard method of soft tissue imaging for anatomical, functional and molecular applications. Advanced users will enjoy the flexibility and the numerous customizable parameters available.

Why you need to get an M-series in your lab

Low purchase price

MRI, the gold standard in soft tissue imaging, is more accessible for pre-clinical researchers.

Compact, self-shielded permanent magnet

No special infrastructure or location for installation.

Well-designed animal handling system

Fully integrated physiological monitoring, heating, and anesthesia.

Easy to use software interface

Researchers, without prior knowledge of MRI, can obtain high-quality images.

Minimal operating costs

No electricity is required to generate the magnetic field, no cryogens or water are required for cooling, and the permanent magnet has no ongoing maintenance requirements.

Hardware and software add-ons for PET and bioluminescence

Multi-modal images for additional molecular and metabolic insights into your animal models or drug response.

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