Electric Field Simulation

Electric Field Simulation systems from Living Systems Instrumentation

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System Overview

Our C-STIM-150I stimulator packages are useful for applications requiring electric field stimulation. Each package includes a constant current stimulator(s), power supply cabinet, computer interface card, CATSTIM software, and interface cables. The output of each stimulator is accessible via a BNC connector.

Living Systems Instrumentation designs, develops, and manufactures instruments for in vitro research studies of pressurized, perfused, cannulated blood vessels. These include vessel chambers and electro-mechanical apparatus for the measurement and control of pressure, flow rate and vessel dimensions. Living Systems also offers an array of laboratory equipment that are essential to any successful research project!

Dual Channel Constant
Current Stim Pkg

Single Channel Constant
Current Stim Pkg

Quad Channel Constant
Current Stim Pkg

Stimulator Package for Constant Current Electrical Field Stimulation – 8 Channel


Isolated output eliminates the need for an external stimulus isolation unit

Isolated monitor output allows the user to view the stimulus waveform using a separate oscilloscope
Perform completely independent stimulation protocols in each tissue bath or vessel chamber
Stimulator parameters are set in the user-friendly CATSTIM software
No confusing knobs or switches to set
Constant current stimulus in a low impedance solution such as physiological saline solution
Can be programmed to automatically deliver a sequence of stimulations using protocol files to encode the stimuli


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