Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month around the world and is symbolized by a gold ribbon that represents how precious children are and the resiliency of childhood cancer heroes.

Every year during September, the goal is to come together to increase awareness of the devastating impact of childhood cancer on patients, their families including survivors, and act, to raise funds to support innovative research into finding smarter and safer treatments.

Here at Scintica, we want to help increase that awareness, via one of our passions: imaging technology. So, this month we will be highlighting examples where imaging had a transformative effect on both children’s hospital journey and on how doctors make decisions but also as its role in accelerating and guiding the delivery of promising new treatment from the lab to the children.

What can you do?

You can show your support by sharing information on childhood cancer on your social media, or you can donate to any of the childhood cancer organizations across the world: choose the one that resonates with you! Here are some examples:

American Childhood Cancer Organization
International Society of Pediatric Oncology
Childhood Cancer Canada
International Agency for Research on Cancer – World Health Organization
The Charity Fighting Childhood Cancer | Children with Cancer UK
ChildCan – Facing Childhood Cancer Together



Sep 30 2023
All Day

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