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Symposium on Biological Imaging at Medway with Scintica

Pembroke 130, Tuesday 5th December 2023

Organized by:

Prof. Saak Victor Ovsepian
Professor in Biosciences,
School of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Science,
University of Greenwich London, Medway Campus

Program of the day

  • 9:30 – Prof. Peter Griffiths: Greetings and introduction to the Symposium.
  • 9:40 – Dr. Yann Jamin: Introduction to non-invasive biological imaging at Scintica (Application Specialist from Scintica, 20 min).
  • 10:00 – Dr. Pilhan Kim: Real-time intravital microscopy: cellular-level imaging of organs in a live animal (KAIST & CEO/CTO, IVIM Technologies: Online, Scintica, 50 min, Q/A).
  • 11:00 – Dr. Alex Kim: IVIM Technologies – Virtual demo (Application Scientist: Scintica, 50 min, Q/A).
  • 12:00 – Lunch.
  • 13:00 –  Prof. Gianluca Tozzi: XCT imaging and digital volume correlation of biological tissues and biomaterials (FES, 30 min, Q/A).
  • 13:40 Dr. Simon Richardson: Imaging tools to interrogate mammalian cells (FES, 30 min, Q/A).
  • 14:20 – Dr. Vadim Sumbaev: Differential imaging techniques as an instrumental in cancer immunology research (School of Pharmacy, 30 min, Q/A).
  • 15:00 –  Dr. Sadaf Ashraf: The role of TRESK in aging and chronic-inflammatory pain conditions (School of Pharmacy, 20 min, Q/A).
  • 15:30 –  Dr. Dimitri Scholz: Trends in contemporary microscopy applied in biomedical research (Convey Institute UCD, Dublin, 30 min, Q/A).
  • 16:10 –  Prof. Saak Ovsepian: Multiscale imaging of living brain in preclinical models (FES, 30 min, Q/A).
  • 16:50 –  Closing remarks

Intravital Microscopy(IVM) is an all-in-one two-photon and/or confocal microscopy system designed and optimized for longitudinal imaging of live animal models in vivo.

This state-of-art equipment has been designed around ease-of-use and augmented throughput as a next-generation core technology for biologists and translational scientists to elucidate the underlaying mechanism of every biological phenomena at tissue and cellular level. Confocal IVM systems enable optical sectioning of in vivo tissue via rejection of out-of-focus fluorescence light coming from the background tissue which will result in images with high contrast and quality. Two-photon IVM systems are equipped with lasers which use longer-wavelength near-infrared (NIR) fs-pulse excitation capable of deep tissue imaging as well as label-free, non-linear multi-harmonic generation imaging (SHG, THG).