Be a Young Investigator

Providing instrumentation to scientists and the preclinical research community to advance research, science and medicine

This webinar series has been designed to provide an opportunity for young professionals within academia or industry to present their research findings to the extended scientific community.

We encourage all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are interested in sharing their research to apply. It will be a great opportunity to present your work and answer questions from trainees and experts outside of your field.


  • Must be currently enrolled in a graduate (or professional) program
  • Must be able to provide a 20-40 minute talk on your work.
  • Must have permission from your direct supervisor to present the data.
  • Research study can be focused on any area of biomedical sciences

To apply, you’ll need:

  • Complete the following application form.
  • An abstract summarizing the work to be presented (no longer than 1 page, single spaced).
  • Contact information and affiliations
  • Preference (if any) for when you would like to present the webinar
Scintica’s Young Investigator Webinar Series
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Recording Approval

We will record as many sessions as possible so that those who aren’t able to attend in person can view the webinar at a later date. All recorded sessions will be accessible through our website. Please let us know if you would prefer your webinar not be recorded.

The website will be updated often with upcoming webinars so please visit regularly!.