WEBINAR: Transverse Aortic Constriction The Importance of Monitoring Surgical Outcomes

This free webinar hosted by Scintica Instrumentation reviewed with the viewer the importance of monitoring their surgical outcomes, specifically following transverse aortic constriction (TAC)

Join Tonya Coulthard as she discussed some background information about the TAC surgery, variability in the surgical outcomes and how to monitor those, as well as the importance of stratifying animals based on severity of constriction prior to initiating any form of intervention.

Transverse Aortic Constriction (TAC) is a technique initially developed to study the cellular and molecular pathways involved in left ventricular cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure. The variability in surgical outcome is well documented and has been shown to be dependent on many factors. It is therefore crucial to be able to confirm surgical success, as well as to monitor the outcome in an non-invasive manner. Several techniques were discussed for monitoring the surgical success and disease progression including Doppler flow velocity measurements, along with structural imaging performed by either ultrasound or MRI. Finally the importance of stratifying animals, based on the observed severity of constriction or disease progression were discussed.

Topics discussed in this webinar  included:

  • Variability in the TAC surgical outcomes
  • Ways to monitor surgical success and outcomes
  • Importance of stratification of animals

If you want more information on our doppler ultrasound option visit our Doppler Flow Velocity System page

About the Speaker (s)

Tonya Coulthard, MSc

Team Leader, Imaging Division 

Scintica, London, Ontario

Tonya Coulthard holds an MSc from the University of British Columbia in Experimental Medicine. Throughout her academic training she focused on a variety of diseases ranging from prion to chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. In her professional career she has worked with several imaging and medical device companies; in these roles she has interacted with researchers around the world covering a very diverse range of research applications. In her present role at Scintica Instrumentation Tonya leads the team of product managers and applications specialists in supporting our customers in understanding the products offered and how these instruments help to meet their research needs.