Scintica is happy to announce our partnership with PhotoSound, manufacturer of the TriTom systems. The TriTom platform is based on Photoacoustic Fluorescence Tomography (PAFT) technology providing inherently co-registered high resolution photoacoustic and fluorescence optical tomography as the images are acquired simultaneously.

We introduced the TriTom Photoacoustic Imaging System and the applications during this webinar.

Modality Review: The Basics of Photoacoustic and Fluorescence Tomography

Date: May 5, 2021

Time: 11am EST

Speaker: Aparajita Verma, Ph.D Application Specialist, Scintica

Webinar Topics:

  • Introduction to Scintica and PhotoSound’s newly formed partnership and the TriTom systems.
  • Introduction to the fundamentals of both photoacoustic and fluorescence tomography.


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