Scintica Instrumentation to distribute the VelO₂x hypoxia chamber system from Baker Ruskinn

Scintica Instrumentation Inc. is excited to announce its recent distribution agreement for the Baker Ruskinn preclinical VelO₂x hypoxia chamber for scientific research. The VelO₂x system has been engineered to provide an isolated and highly controlled oxygen environment to help researchers better understand how O₂ levels affect various conditions such as sleep apnea, systemic hypertension, pulmonary dysfunction, ischemia and much more. The system, complete with innovative touch screen, has unparalleled user control, functionality and response with its ability to cycle various oxygen conditions. Its compact ergonomic chamber can be placed on an ordinary lab bench and not require any extra customization to work effectively.

Blair Poetschke President of Scintica Instrumentation says “we are excited to be able to introduce this innovative hypoxia system to our customers and provide them with the ability to control a key variable in their scientific research. We are looking forward to working with Baker Ruskinn as an official representative of VelO₂x in Canada and exclusively in the USA.

Samir Pater, Global Sales Director of Baker Ruskinn, says “we are pleased to engage Scintica Instrumentation and their expert scientific staff as our partner in sales, marketing and support. Our world class VelO₂x system, has been precision engineered to offer full control over parameters such as oxygen levels, ramp up and ramp down speeds. The system logs all exposures of O₂ and CO₂ levels for regulatory submissions and operates in a safe and quiet manner”.

About Baker Ruskinn

Baker Ruskinn is a global leader and supplier of anaerobic and precision low oxygen culture systems for microbiology and tissue/cell culture applications. Its advanced line of anaerobic chambers, physiological cell culture workstations and media conditioning solutions enable superior research results by providing precisely controlled conditions for anoxic and low-oxygen studies.


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