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Scintica and Trust Bio-sonics announce exclusive partnership for the distribution of its preclinical USphere™ Series Contrast Agents

[January 27, 2022] Scintica is excited to announce its exclusive distribution agreement for North America and Europe with Trust Bio-sonics, a pharmaceutical company and developer of the USphere Series of contrast agents for translational research and medicine applications.

Microbubble contrast agents can be used to visualize perfusion in a wide variety of imaging targets including, tumors, abdominal organs, etc. and may be relevant from basic research studies to translational drug development projects.

The USphere series of microbubble contrast agents have been specifically designed for use in a variety of species in preclinical research and may be used with ultrasound systems operating at 1 to 40MHz.

Trust Bio-sonics has identified the key factors which control the particle size of the microbubble The USphere agents have been designed to have the smallest size distribution (1.1-1.4µm) compared to others on the market today. The microbubble concentration has been optimized for small animal imaging, ensuring low volume injections provide adequate contrast signal in, without overwhelming their circulatory system.

Blair Poetschke, President of Scintica Instrumentation, says, “We believe that the Trust Bio-sonics’ USphere agents will be the best tool for preclinical researchers to evaluate the dynamics of blood perfusion and monitor tumor growth in their animal models. Combined with a desktop high-resolution ultrasound imaging system for small animals, the agents will make such studies extremely convenient and provide better quantitative data for advanced analysis.”. “Scintica will be able to provide our users with an ultrasound imaging total solution to accelerate their studies.”

Chung-Hsin Wang PhD, President of Trust Bio-sonics, said “We are pleased to partner with Scintica, which has extensive medical imaging experience, to provide our customers and researchers global access to our contrast agents and to provide first-class technical support. Through this partnership, we are looking forward to seeing more innovative inventions and applications being developed and brought into clinical studies.”


About Scintica:

Scintica is a value-added reseller of advanced preclinical research instrumentation with locations in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Scintica carries a diverse but synergistic portfolio of products, encouraging a holistic approach to science, ranging from imaging systems to laboratory tools and equipment for both in vitro and in vivo studies. monitoring.

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About Trust Bio-sonics:

Trust Bio-sonics is an innovative pharmaceutic company and a world leader in microsphere technologies for contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging and ultrasound drug delivery. Trust Bio-sonics is committed to improving and accelerating the current diagnostic practice to achieve the early diagnosis of cancers or other diseases.

Contact info (Trust Bio-sonics):
Tel: +886-3-668-4965


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