Scintica and Poietis announce exclusive partnership for the distribution of its preclinical Next Generation Bioprinting System


[February 16, 2021] Scintica Instrumentation Inc. is excited to announce its exclusive distribution agreement with Poietis, manufacturer of the New Generation Bioprinting (NGB) system designed for translational research and regenerative medicine applications.

Based on its expertise in bioprinting technologies and high-resolution laser bioprinting, Poietis developed the NGB multimodal bioprinting platform (Next Generation Bioprinting). NGB platform aims to give tissue engineers and researchers greater freedom in the choice of biomaterials and hydrogels and greater versatility in their research and development.

The NGB-R is a multimodal, 4D bioprinting system developed and designed specifically for tissue engineers, researchers, and biologists. Combining laser-assisted, micro-valve, and extrusion bioprinting, the NGB-R enables true versatility of bioprinting (from cells to spheroids) and offers the possibility of using a large number of biomaterials and hydrogels. The NGB-R also includes an embedded microscope for in-line cell printing monitoring and relies on a complete software suite for managing bioprinting protocols, from biological CAD to data analysis of manufacturing.

Blair Poetschke, President of Scintica Instrumentation, says, “our in-house team of scientists and experts are eager to be able to introduce this exciting technology to our customers to develop tissue engineering therapies and translate that to patients”.

“We are very enthusiastic about this partnership as this new distribution channel will make it much easier for North American customers to access the NGB-R technology, especially for those eager to incorporate laser-assisted bioprinting to their protocols” says Antoine Jacquot, Sales Manager at Poietis. “Scintica Instrumentation was the obvious choice for us. The company has solid references in the field along with a fantastic team of scientists with a deep understanding of our technology” comments Bruno Brisson, Co-Founder & CBO at Poietis.

About Scintica:

Scintica is a value-added reseller of advanced preclinical research instrumentation with locations in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Our team of scientists on staff has the depth of experience to guide scientists in real-world applications of the equipment and provide the training and support to help our customers get results. Scintica carries a diverse but synergistic portfolio of products, encouraging a holistic approach to science, ranging from laboratory equipment & tools for imaging, lab equipment, cellular, and tissue monitoring.

For more information, please contact us at or visit  Or via telephone:  USA (832) 548-0895; Canada (519) 914-5495; Europe 31 43 808 00 14.

About Poietis:

Poietis is a biotechnology company specializing in advanced 4D-bioprinting solutions for translational and clinical research. Since it was founded in 2014, the company has developed physiological models and built partnerships with some of the world’s major pharmaceutical and cosmetic groups. Today, Poietis sells NGB-R™, a multi-modal, 3-in-1 bioprinting platform boasting laser-assisted bioprinting – a unique technology for which Poietis holds an exclusive worldwide license. This bioprinting technology is the result of over 15 years of innovative research conducted by Inserm (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) and the University of Bordeaux. Poietis is the winner of the 2014 iLab competition and of the Concours Mondial d’Innovation (Phase I in 2016 and Phase II in 2017).

For more information on the NGB-R bioprinting platform, please reach out to Antoine Jacquot at

For general information, please contact us at or by telephone at 33 5 35 54 47 28 or simply visit


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