Scintica and Bioemtech

Scintica and Bioemtech announce collaboration to bring advanced molecular screening instrumentation to preclinical scientists worldwide

[April 16, 2023] Scintica, a leading value-added reseller of advanced preclinical research instrumentation, is excited to announce a new collaboration with Bioemtech, a company dedicated to desktop SPECT, PET, and Optical scanners for use in preclinical research. The partnership aims to expand the availability of Bioemtech’s preclinical instruments to research scientists around the world.

Under the agreement, Scintica will become the global distributor of Bioemtech’s innovative preclinical molecular research imaging systems. This collaboration will enable researchers to access a range of state-of-the-art imaging systems for in vivo screening of SPECT and PET Isotopes, as well as enable seamless integration with Optical imaging with fluorescence, bioluminescence, and Cherenkov luminescence.

“We are excited to partner with Bioemtech to bring their innovative preclinical imaging systems to researchers around the world,” said Blair Poetschke, President of Scintica. “Our team of scientists is committed to providing researchers with the training and support they need to get the most out of these advanced research tools.”

The collaboration between Scintica and Bioemtech will help drive advancements in the preclinical research field by providing researchers with the tools they need to conduct cutting-edge research.

Bioemtech’s CEO, George Loudos, added, “We are very enthusiastic to partner with Scintica, whose global distribution channel will allow our technology to be properly demonstrated and communicated worldwide. We also feel proud that Scintica, having strong scientific expertise and market experience, appreciated BIOEMTECH technology and believes as we do that it will facilitate the daily work of numerous researchers worldwide”.

The eyes family of scanners is a new imaging concept for real-time, in vivo, screening of tracers, all available as high-resolution, benchtop scanners. The eye-series offers 3 scanners for integrated in vivo imaging: γ-eyeTM – imaging system for all SPECT isotopes, β-eyeTM – imaging system for real-time PET isotopes screening and the φ-eyeTM – in vivo optical imaging system for preclinical studies.

For more information about the products and the collaboration between Scintica and Bioemtech, the advanced preclinical research tools available, please visit and

About Bioemtech
BIOEMTECH is a Greek company that aims to bridge the gap between ex vivo studies and in vivo molecular imaging, by providing cost-effective solutions in terms of instrumentation and services. BIOEMTECH has developed and commercialized the “eyes”, the first desktop cameras, suitable for whole-body, real-time imaging of isotopes and optical dyes. In addition, BIOEMTECH undertakes full studies as a CRO for evaluating new compounds in its authorized laboratories. This unique combination allows the company to understand end-user needs and continuously improve both its products and services.

Contact info (Bioemtech):
Tel: +210 6548192

About Scintica
Scintica is a value-added reseller of advanced preclinical research instrumentation with offices in Canada, the USA, and Europe, as well as a network of support across most of the world. Scintica carries a diverse but synergistic portfolio of products, encouraging a holistic approach to science, ranging from imaging systems to laboratory tools and equipment for both in vitro and in vivo studies.

Contact info (Scintica)
Tel: +1 (519) 914 5495

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