(June 24, 2020) WEBINAR: Potential Role of Aspect Imaging’s Compact 1T Preclinical Scanner in Imaging Research

In this webinar Dr. Robert Lenkinski, Professor at UT Southwestern, discussed his work using the compact 1T preclinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner from Aspect Imaging. The work presented is from his time at both Harvard Medical School and UT Southwestern, as he purchased the same system when working at both institutions.

Dr. Lenkinski discussed the utility of this system for cancer research, and spent some time discussing his imaging techniques for both multi-parametric multi-modality imaging, along with showing examples of how he configured his imaging facility to perform sequential PET/MRI studies. Validation examples from patient derived xenograft an implanted cell line models will be shown, and finally Dr. Lenkinski will finish by showing some examples of perfusion studies.

In this free webinar hosted by Scintica Instrumentation, Dr. Lenkinski reviewed some of the key research studies he performed using the M-seriesTM compact MRI systems from Aspect Imaging at both UT Southwestern and Harvard Medical Centers. These systems remove barriers for the preclinical researcher, allowing them access to an imaging modality once thought to be attainable to only a handful of specialized researchers. These systems are cost effective, both in purchase price and running and maintenance costs; they require no specialized infrastructure, plumbing for cooling water, or cryogens; and they have been designed to be simple to operate, requiring no previous background in MR physics.

Topics discussed in this webinar included:

    • Monitoring tumor growth non-invasively
    • MRI in multi parametric multimodality imaging – examples
    • Examples of sequential PET/MRI
    • Validation of multimodality approaches in clinical studies – PDX models and implanted cell line models
    • Perfusion studies

If you want more information on our small animal MRI options visit our Aspect Imaging page

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About the Speaker (s)

Dr. Robert Lenkinski

Dr. Lenkinski is a chemist by training. He received his PhD in Chemistry in 1973 from the University of Houston. In 1986, he was recruited to the Department of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania, where he was involved in the technical development of MRI and MRS and their translation to clinical studies. In 1999, he was recruited to the Department of radiology of the  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical  Center, one of the major teaching hospitals of Harvard Medical School, where continued to pursue both technical development of MR and MRS on the first 3T MR system with a body coil. In 2005, he and John Frangioni established the Longwood Small Animal Imaging Facility (SAIF). One of the key animal imaging scanners was the Aspect compact 1T MRI scanner. This scanner was sited in close proximity to a Siemens preclinical PET/CT system in order to provide Dr. Lenkinski spatial registered PET/MRI studies of rodent models of disease. When Dr. Lenkinski was recruited to the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, he replicated this set of facilities. Dr. Lenkinski retired as a Professor of Radiology from the Department of Radiology at the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas in September 2019 retaining an academic appointment there.