(April 14, 2021) LIVE Online Demonstration: Doppler Flow Velocity System (DFVS)

View our hands-on demonstration of the Doppler Flow Velocity System, a non-invasive, real-time pulsed Doppler measurement device for studying cardiovascular function in a variety of small animal models, such as mice and rats.

During this live demonstration we demonstrated and explained:

  • Measurement for Cardiac systolic and diastolic function.
  • Serial measurements in response to interventions
  • Severity of transverse aortic constriction (TAC)
  • Coronary flow distribution
  • Hyperemic velocity responses
  • Pulse Wave Velocity from two aortic locations simultaneously
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About the Speaker (s)

Sydney Mensen, MSc

Product Manager at Scintica

Sydney holds a Master of Management of Applied Sciences, specializing in Biological Sciences, and a double major in Biology and Medical Sciences—both from the University of Western Ontario. She has completed several courses and laboratory work involving anatomy and physiology of mammals. Her professional career has involved the application of her detailed understanding of mammalian physiology to obtain and analyze scientific data using various technologies, including ultrasound, MRI, and surgical equipment. Her current role at Scintica is to work with scientists to understand their needs and provide technologies to help achieve their research goals.


Tonya Coulthard, MSc

Product Manager at Scintica


Tonya Coulthard holds an MSc from the University of British Columbia in Experimental Medicine. Throughout her academic training she focused on a variety of diseases ranging from prion to chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. In her professional career she has worked with several imaging and medical device companies; in these roles she has interacted with researchers around the world covering a very diverse range of research applications. In her present role at Scintica Instrumentation Tonya manages our Imaging Division; in this role she works in supporting our customers in understanding the products offered and how these instruments help to meet their research needs.