(June 9, 2021) Live Demonstration: iNSiGHT, DXA Imaging System For Body Composition Analysis

Watch our hands-on demonstration of the iNSiGHT, DXA imaging system for body composition analysis.

During this live demonstration, we showed the full imaging and measurement capabilities of the iNSiGHT system. These measurements included:

  • Bone mineral density in g/cm2
  • Bone mineral content in g
  • Bone area in cm2
  • Tissue area in cm2
  • Fat tissue as percentage and weight in % and g
  • Lean tissue as percentage and weight in % and g
  • Total weight g
  • Additionally, specific bone length measurements can be drawn on the 2D x-ray image

About the iNSiGHT DXA System:

The iNSiGHT is a fully functional DXA (DEXA, dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) system, designed specifically for preclinical research applications. The DXA technology provides quantification of body composition, such as bone mineral density, and measures of lean and fat mass.

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About the Speaker (s)

Tonya Coulthard, MSc

Product Manager at Scintica

Tonya Coulthard holds an MSc from the University of British Columbia in Experimental Medicine. Throughout her academic training she focused on a variety of diseases ranging from prion to chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. In her professional career she has worked with several imaging and medical device companies; in these roles she has interacted with researchers around the world covering a very diverse range of research applications. In her present role at Scintica Instrumentation Tonya manages our Imaging Division; in this role she works in supporting our customers in understanding the products offered and how these instruments help to meet their research needs.


Val Fajardo, PhD

Canada Research Chair in Tissue Remodeling and Plasticity,

Brock University

Val Fajardo is a newly appointed Canada Research Chair in Tissue Remodeling and Plasticity, at Brock University. The DXA imaging capabilities have recently been added to his lab, allowing both body composition and bone mineral content imaging, using the iNSiGHT system. Dr. Fajardo’s research focuses on muscle wasting conditions, as well as muscle metabolism, with a goal of developing clinically relevant therapies, as well as on the discovery and characterization of calcium regulatory proteins.