(November 11, 2020) WEBINAR: Introduction to Measurement of Tissue Oxygen in Rats Via Telemetry

Carbon paste electrodes connected to a potentiostat have been shown to provide stable measurement of tissue oxygen levels in vivo. Now wireless telemetry from Kaha Sciences allows the chronic long-term measurement of tissue oxygen in rats living in their home cages.  This webinar discussed how tissue oxygen measurements are made using carbon paste electrodes, how they are calibrated, the advantages and the limitations.  Potential applications of this technology will be highlighted with example data from our users that show how tissue oxygen measurements in the brain and kidney can be combined with pressure and biopotential signal measurement.

Learning Objectives:

  • How are carbon paste electrodes used to measure tissue oxygen?
  • Calibration and preparation of tissue oxygen telemeters
  • Combining tissue oxygen measurement with pressure and/or biopotential signals
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About the Speaker (s)

Sarah-Jane Guild

Chief Scientific Officer

Kaha Sciences

Sarah-Jane has more than 15 years’ experience working with telemetry and has been involved with the Kaha system since the early Telemetry Research days. With a background in engineering and physiology, she has a good understanding of both the technical aspects of our system and its scientific application. Sarah-Jane has extensive surgical experience and enjoys working with our customers to get the most out of their telemetry system. With a PhD in Physiology and Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Sarah-Jane also holds a part time position as a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Auckland in the Department of Physiology and the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. Her research areas include cardiovascular physiology, intracranial pressure, optogenetics, and the development of implantable devices.