(March 11, 2021) Session 2: A Detailed Review of 4D Bioprinting Applications using the NGB-R System from Poietis


In this second session of the series, we took a deeper look into specific 4D bioprinting applications and examples using the next generation bioprinting (NGB-R) system from Poietis. As a review, the NGB-R system provides disruptive 4D bioprinting technology including laser-assisted bioprinting – focusing on the cytocentric approach to printing which allows tissues to grow in a more natural environment, leading to morphogenesis and predictable biological processes including cell differentiation, migration, multiplication, and metabolic processes.

During this webinar we provided in-depth information about some specific applications, showing specific examples

  • Skin
  • Pancreatic
  • Liver
  • Brain organoids – to help study brain diseases and neuronal activity.
  • Cartilaginous tissues – newer application being explored in more detail.

Please join us for the third and final session in this series a live virtual demo will be provided showing a detailed overview of both the hardware and software components of the NGB-R system.

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About the Speaker (s)

Tonya Coulthard, MSc, Manager, Imaging Division, Scintica

Tonya Coulthard holds an MSc from the University of British Columbia in Experimental Medicine. Throughout her academic training she focused on a variety of diseases ranging from prions to chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. In her professional career she has worked with several imaging and medical device companies; in these roles she has interacted with researchers around the world covering a very diverse range of research applications. In her present role at Scintica Instrumentation Tonya manages our Imaging Division; in this role she works in supporting our customers in understanding the products offered and how these instruments help to meet their research needs


Antoine Jacquot, Sales Manager, Poietis

Antoine is an accomplished Sales Manager professional with 7+ years’ experience in the biotech industry and a strong background in both international business development and worldwide distribution network management. He joined Poietis in 2019, a biotech company specialized in advanced 4D bioprinting solutions for translational and clinical research.

Antoine studied in France, Spain and the United Kingdom. In 2012, he graduated as valedictorian of his class at the American Business School of Paris. Before joining Poietis, Antoine worked for over 4 years as an International Sales Manager for a British-based bio-molecular imaging system manufacturer in the Life Science industry. He has traveled extensively and is fluent in French, English and Spanish.


Dr. Mikael Garcia, Business Application Manager, Poietis

Mikael has over 10 years’ experience in the field of biotechnologies. He holds a PhD in Biology through a CIFRE fellowship between the University of Bordeaux and the company Cytoo, a biotech specialized in the development of physiologically relevant cellular models and assays for High Content Screening. With a strong multidisciplinary background in the fields of behavioral pharmacology, neurobiology, cell micro patterning and high-resolution microscopy, he joined Poietis over 5 years ago. As a Business Application Manager, he leads Industrial and European projects for the development of alternative human tissue models through 3D Bioprinting (Hair Follicle, Skin, Brain, Pancreas…) and supervises a team of Application Engineers working on proof-of-concept studies with the NGB-R bioprinting platform.